vishalAs the only Holistic Transformation Coach using the Flab to FAB™ approach, VISHAL MORJARIA shares his story and experience with the world.He possesses the natural ability to encourage, motivate, and inspire those around him.He strives to release the truly positive, healthy, happy and FAB individual waiting inside you. He is one that all can embrace, and he will shine for years to come.

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What’s the best time to read this book?

After you’ve wasted an hour or more of your life in the gym.

What’s the worst time to read this book?


It’s more than The Holistic Guide to Effortless Weight Loss.

Flab to FAB will ignite in you a lifelong passion to stay healthy.

This book is for YOU if you have tried to lose weight and failed.

Flab to FAB has done a David in the Goliath task of unravelling the complexities associated with losing weight and getting fit.

Startlingly simple and embellished with his own personal experiences,
Vishal Morjaria demonstrates how to lose weight, get fit, stay fit and transform your life.

Foreword by New York Times Bestselling Author, Raymond Aaron.

Not just a HOW-TO get healthy book.

With every turn of the page, you really can turn around your life.

“It all begins in your mind.” Your journey of discovery begins from the very first sentence.

Discover, understand and apply important truths to become healthy.

  • How important is nutrition?
  • Why your motivation for weight-loss is short-lived?
  • What are the best forms of exercise?
  • What you should know about the food industry?
  • What are some things that doctors don’t know or won’t tell?
  • When will you start educating, empowering and encouraging yourself?

NOW or NEVER. Read Flab to FAB and discover how Vishal helped those who had given up hope to take back what was rightfully theirs, effortlessly—a healthy lifestyle.

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