Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author

With every turn of the page, you really can turn around your life. “This is not just a HOW-TO book to get healthy. It is a guidebook that inspires you to discover your inner self, a book with a physical presence and a spiritual soul. With every turn of the page, you really can turn around your life. The art of getting fit has been elevated by many quick-fix books which demand you to make big changes. Flab to FAB knocks it off the pedestal and brings it back down to earth. Getting fit and staying fit is effortless. Flab to FAB shows you how.”

Alex McMillan, Founder Optimal Living 365, IDEA International Programme Director of the Year Winner

Finally, a game-changer. “Vishal is a living example of what is possible if you simply put your mind to it, and now he’s given us his proven and simple to follow formula, in Flab to FAB to lose weight, create a healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy desires. After 20 years in this industry, this is finally a game changer.”

Steve Jack, Bestselling author, speaker, coach

Uncover the truth about fat loss. “Flab to FAB is a must-have resource for anyone wishing to uncover the truth about eating and moving their body to become slim. Vishal has packaged in a no-nonsense way, all the key elements you need to know and understand to lose weight, easily and effortlessly through good wholesome healthy eating and practical, easy to understand exercise. If you want to uncover the truth about fat loss then look no further than Flab to FAB.”

Maureen Harper , BA, BSc, Dip Ed

A new way. Losing weight and meeting goals were always a problem for me before following Flab to FAB™. The methods in the book have allowed me to focus differently and have brought the results I always wanted in an exciting and inspiring way. This is a new way of life.”

Professor David Harper, University Senior Lecturer

Lifestyle change that is most rewarding. “I’ve taken the Flab to FAB™ lifestyle programme with Vishal Morjaria for two years now and I have achieved dramatic improvements. I lost my first 10kg easily and, although the next 10 are proving harder, it is the lifestyle change that is most rewarding. I am happier, more positive, and more confident. I have moved from nutrition dominated by black coffee, red meat and red wine to one dominated by green tea, green vegetables and yellow fruits. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer but the knowledge and confidence I have gained during the programme, has enabled me to treat myself naturally, reducing it by half since diagnosis. I am now in the best period of my life.”

Donato Piccinno

I have more energy. I’ve lost over 20 pounds. “I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Among the many things I wanted to change were my physical wellbeing and state of fitness, and my relationship with food. So, I got in touch with Vishal and joined his Flab to FAB™ fitness programme. I’ve got a lot more energy than I had five weeks ago. I used to have palpitations when I woke up in the morning and I was not getting enough sleep. Five weeks since I started following Flab to FAB™, I have more energy and am thinking more positively. I’ve lost over 20 pounds in less than seven weeks.”

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